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BIG Day of Giving
Dear Friends and Family:

On May 5th, I am asking you to participate in a huge and historic event for our region, the BIG Day of Giving, where, over a 24 hour period from midnight to midnight, Iu-Mien Community Services (IMCS) will join with 500 other nonprofits to raise $5 million, engage 25,000 donors, and make our region #1 as the most generous community in the country on this national day of giving!

I was recently appointed as the first female Board President at Iu-Mien Community Services. This is a huge milestone for the agency, whose mission is “to support and develop healthy Iu-Mien families and communities through culturally responsive programs and services.” On our inaugural year with BIGDOG, our goal is to engage 200 donors and raise $10,000. With your support, we hope to continue to provide much needed services to the Iu-Mien community, such as: a Summer Youth Camp, Healthy Village Senior Group fieldtrips, providing materials for our ComMIENity Language Program, and bringing the 17th Annual Iu-Mien Student Conference (IMSC 17) back to CSUS. We are only 7 days away, and I am asking you to help us on this historic day to meet these goals. In addition, we will be participating in incentive prize challenges throughout the day that will give us an opportunity to raise even more money, which include: first and last donations received, most donations raised hourly/overnight, social media memes, and 100% board giving challenge.

I am writing to ask you to take five minutes on May 5th to give to Iu-Mien Community Services. Please take a look at our website to learn more about our agency and programs. You can track the progress of our agency and the Sacramento Region by logging onto www.bigdayofgiving.org and watch the total number and value of donations climb. Give and be a part of the most generous community in the country by raising $5 Million!

How you can help on May 5th:
  • 1. Make a donation (starting as small as $25) to Iu-Mien Community Services at https://bigdayofgiving.org/#npo/iu-mien-community-services
  • 2. If you would like to make a donation to a specific program, please indicate in the comments section.
  • 3. Spread the word. Tell your friends, post on Facebook, and tweet about it. This is an opportunity to be part of something really big. Help us get there.

Your donation of any amount will help IMCS continue to help the Iu-Mien communities in the Sacramento Region. Be a part of the $5 Million giving community and help us improve our community by joining with others on May 5th, a historic BIG Day of Giving!

Thank you,
Nai Sio Saechao, ACNP
IMCS Board President


Iu-Mien Language Books

Petition: Making Iu-Mien Lives Count!

2015 Health Scholarship

2015 Hero Artist Scholarship

2015 IMSC Achievement Scholarship

2015 Jimmy Phanh Memorial Scholarship

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Please specify which program or service you would like to donate to:
  • Iu-Mien Senior Social Group
  • Iu-Mien Student Conference
  • Mien Literacy Classes
  • Family Violence Prevention & Mediation
  • Case Management Services
  • Mien Language Interpreting Services